InstallCapital gives you access to hundreds of thousands of users actively using the InstallCapital platform. On a Pay Per Install basis you can reach a broad audience and quickly increase the amount of users of your software.

Your software will be offered to users together with software publisher's own software and you pay only for completed installs.


We take the risk of fraud very seriously. Our installer platform has various security features to make sure all installs are real and not performed by bot networks or VM's. We constantly review the value and activity of our user base to make sure your software only is offered to high quality users where you will see maximum results from your install.

Detailed targeting

We offer tailor made campaigns where you can target individual countries/geo's for competitive pricing. We will integrate and design your offer to match your brand.

Reports of your campaigns are displayed in real time through our comprehensive reporting system and/or delivered in real time to your system using technology of your choice (S2S postback, pixel tracking etc).

Simple integration

Getting started with InstallCapital is easy. We will customize your offer for the InstallCapital platform by setting up a starting bid and maximum bid that you want to offer per install. As users install the offer, you pay for the installation based on the bid you chose. There are no other fees involved and you can set a cap to the volume so you can stay to your planned budget.

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