How it works

Thanks to the unique install platform from InstallCapital we can help you monetize your software or website and give you completely new revenue streams. It just takes a few minutes to get started. We can also automatically integrate our platform with large software archives or download portals.

1. Setup installer

After you have been approved into the InstallCapital system you can bundle one or many software products with our install platform. If you do not have a software product of your own you can also choose one from our own archive and integrate it with your website.

2. Display our offers

When your users attempt to install the software we will display additional software offers from our advertisers.

You can customize how many offers to display!

3. Distribute

When your users choose to install additional offers, we pay you for every install! The more downloads and installs the software receive, the more you can earn.

Highest possible payouts

InstallCapital use a unique installer platform with an integrated real time bidding technique to make sure you get the highest possible rate for every install. Each potential install is carefully analysed before being processed to make sure the most suitable offer is displayed to the end user. This gives our installer a higher install ratio compared to our competitors.

Thanks to our 24/7 technical team making sure our installer always is fully browser compliant (Chrome included!) there is no risks of sudden changes in results.

We offer all publishers access to fast and qualified support and every publisher is assigned a dedicated account manager.

Net-15 Payments

Your earnings belong to you. As a financially stable company we have no need of banking your money. We like to pay you as fast as possible. Therefore we offer Net-15 payments. Meaning that e.g. your January earnings are paid out latest by February 15th.

New and Premium publishers* can also receive payments up front, on demand and bi-weekly depending on negotiations and need.

We offer payments through: Payoneer, PayPal, Bank transfer, Bitcoin, WebMoney and Capitalist. We also offer InstallCapital Mastercard's that are loaded with your earnings.

Detailed reports

Analyzing your results is the key to improve. InstallCapital will give you in depth, real time, reports with all data you need. Track and accumulate variables like:

  • - Country
  • - Exact timestamp
  • - Revenue
  • - Up to 5 custom sub-id's
  • - S2S pixel tracking

By giving you access to such detailed statistics and ability to custom make reports with the data you find interesting, you can easily compare us with other networks.

Browser compliant

To effectively promote Pay Per Install products you need to be sure the product stays compliant with all major browsers. Results of a non-compliant installer can be devastating for your business. InstallCapital has been designed with this in mind from scratch and we have teams working shifts, 24/7, to make sure our installer is safe and compliant.

We also offer unique marketing tools and ways to integrate the installer with your website. Contact us today and we can discuss how to best work with you.

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* Premium publishers require a minimum of $450 monthly earnings or $15 daily earnings.

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